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Four years ago I opened this little shop on Main Street in downtown Cambridge, with great big dreams, and a desire to serve local women and help strengthen my small town.
Unexpectedly, I spent my first year in business recovering from a traumatic brain injury that significantly impacted my speech, processing, and had me on bedrest for months. By the end of that first year I jokingly said, "If I can make it through THAT as a small business owner, I can make it through anything!"
That was January of 2020.
You know what happened next.
My second and third years as a small business owner were spent trying to navigate how to be a small business owner amid a worldwide pandemic. There were shut downs, and mandates, and face masks, and supply chain issues, and fears of mail, fears of public spaces, fears of fitting rooms. There was so much uncertainty, and absolutely zero instruction manuals on how to handle it all.
After those two years - as we all slowly started to figure out our new normal - I thought to myself, "If I can make it through THAT, I can-"
Just kidding. I wasn't about to tempt fate again.
My fourth year in business was primarily spent genuinely appreciating being a small business owner in downtown Cambridge. After a challenging first three years in business I felt like I could finally take a breath and reflect back on it all with gratitude for everything I've learned, and joy for all the people my team and I have served.
I just really love being a small business owner.
I really love my community.
And I really love being a part of keeping downtown Cambridge vibrant and thriving.
I'm so incredibly grateful to be here, and so incredibly grateful for all of you who have helped make Details Boutique what it is today.
I feel like that's something to celebrate, and I hope you'll join me.
Details Boutique's "Four Year Party" is tomorrow (Saturday) from 10am-4pm. We'll have cupcakes available for all, free Details reusable tote bags (that come with a special surprise) for our first 50 guests, plus a first look at our new Spring Collection. (Yes, spring is coming!)
I hope to see you there so I can thank you in person, but just in case we miss each other...thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the support and love you've shown my small business over these past 4 years. Details Boutique wouldn't be here without you. ❤
Dusty Rogers, Owner
{Photo by Micki Oldenburg Photography from Details Boutique's Grand Opening in 2019.}

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