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Lately I’ve been cutting to the chase and straight up telling my customers things like “these are jeans for grown-ass women” or “these are tops for grown-ass women.” Here’s the deal…I’m happy to go on and on and explain every single item I hand select for Details Boutique, what I look for, and why it was chosen, but the bottom line is this: Details Boutique is statement style for grown-ass women.
One of the reasons I opened Details Boutique two years ago was because it was so damn hard for me to find clothing I liked that felt right for my age! I was 39 years old, trying to stock my closet with statement style and interesting details, but it seemed like all I could find was (1) clothing for juniors, (2) clothing for seniors, or (3) boring clothes. I wanted to fill that gap and help dress other women like me.
So let me be clear - when I shop for Details Boutique, I’m specifically choosing items for grown-ass women. I’m shopping for women who are tired of cheap fashion. They want high quality pieces that are going to wash well, look great, and last until they’re ready to pass them on to their sister or daughter. I’m shopping for women who like to look pulled together and polished, and they’re not afraid to make a statement and turn some heads. I’m shopping for women whose bodies may have changed with age, babies (human or taco), life, etc. and they want to feel confident, comfortable, and stylish in the body they have right now.
I’ve been keeping my “grown-ass women” thoughts on the down low, but it’s time they come out. I know who I’ve been shopping for these past two years, and now you know, too. If you’re a grown-ass woman, Details Boutique is for you. I look forward to serving you, and can’t wait to watch you do your thing in style.
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  • Cindy on

    Right on Dusty! You are a fashion warrior!

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